Life Insurance Facts

Understanding Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance

How does whole-life insurance work?

Whole life insurance is for those looking for lifetime protection with added benefits. In addition to providing a guaranteed life insurance benefit, it also offers an important way to save for the future, helping you to be prepared for whatever lies ahead. With Whole Life, the cash value of your policy grows tax deferred—which means you can use it whenever you need to, whether for a new home, college tuition, or an income stream in retirement.* Dividends provide an opportunity for the cash value to grow more. Though dividends are not guaranteed, ,many whole life insurance policies them pay policy owners every year consistantly.

Whole Life Insurance is a popular option for people who want to find a balance between the accumulation of cash value and guaranteed life insurance. As you get along into the policy, dividends on the cash value can even be used to suppliment your income.

Can I customize my whole-life insurance policy to suit my needs?

A few things to discuss with your financial professional when choosing your whole life policy:

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